About Us

The boat club started on 1 December 1997, located on the banks of Yamuna River around 10 km by the UP. Saraswati Ghat(Nehru Ghat) controlled by tourism department and Prayagraj progressive power. Boat Club turned out with all the necessary facilities for water sports. In a joint effort with the UP Prayagraj Boat Club, the tourism office organizes the Water Sports Festival, which is presently an important and well-known annual element held in the month of February. Extraordinary Ocean Depth Dishes are also served between the sports festival.

The boat club has three speed boats, two water scooters, a cruise boat, twelve four-seater pedal boat and an inflatable rubber boat. Detailed information is as follows: -

(A) Speed Boat Saraswati: - - Petrol powered Saraswati Speed Boat is able to accommodate up to 12 members. This boat is powered by 40 horse power outboard motor. The boat has also been provided with a changing room. Sitting arrangements with an attractive center table are sofa / cushion type. The maximum reasonable charge / rent per hour for a roofed full boat for shelter / shade is 4,000 / - per hour.

(B) Speed Boat Saraswati: - This boat is also a petrol powered boat operated by 60 Horse-Power Out Board Motor. This boat is 12 seater. The rent is 4000 / hours.

(C) Speed Boat Triveni: - This boat is a boat with a sitting arrange 2 passengers, equipped with a sofa set for all passengers. The boat is powered by 60 Horse Power Out Board Motor (Petrol). It has facility with canopy. Rent is 5,000 / - per hour.

(D) 32 seater A.C water bus: - This boat is a petrol driven 32-seater A.C water boat. Boat has been provided with a A.C & covered fully with transparent glass. The cost of this boat is 11000 / - per hour and 500/seat minimum 22 seats booking.

(E) Water Scooters: - There are two water scooters in the boat club. Every water scooter is capable of carrying 2 people (a driver + a tourist), which is run by 9.9 horse power out of motor boat 300 / - for rent to SANGAM.

(F) Four Seater Pedal Boats: - There are 17 pedal boats with positive bounce tanks in the boat club. For four people, rent for every 30 minutes is Rs 100 / -.

(G) Life Saving Appliances: - Boat Club provides life jackets for all passengers who enjoy speed boat, cruise boat, water scooter and pedal boats. In addition to life jackets for each person, speedboats in the cruise boat have also been given life boy and life rafts. 100% safety boats have been ensured for all the tourists coming from Prayagraj.